Nazare was born in 2018 when the founders was looking for sports and electronic devices for water sport. When they didn’t have luck to find everything in one place, they finally took matter into their own hands – and find suitable brands from Scandinavia, Spain, USA and some other countries in the world.

The name Nazare states it all.

A deep canyon that points like an arrow toward the town – is what creates the ideal conditions for the giant waves.

»While the pictures and video are undoubtedly impressive, until you’ve seen it with your own eyes you’ll never really understand the scale, energy and brutalitiy of one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular shows.«

We are company with big wave. Our core values be bold, be special, be fearless – »wow, it’s going to be super difficult, but it’s worth it.« Nazare is born with ambition to be must have.